May 17-18, 2003

ULTIMEET 25, MAY 17-18, 2003

Disc design by Adam Ford


  • 25th Annual Albuquerque Ultimeet Tournament, sponsored by GAIA Ultimate
  • Divisions:12 open and 10 women's teams
  • Amenities: Bagels, fruit, water, Porta-Potties®. UPA planned, rated 4 stars.
  • Field Party!!: Dinner, games, contests, double disc, pinatas, madness, mayhem! Spirit awards donated by GAIA Ultimate
  • Prizes!!:Tournament champion (open and womens divisions) awards up to $50,000,000! and spirit awards—gear valued at $250 donated by GAIA Ultimate

    When & Where

  • Date: May 17-18, 2003
  • Fields: Balloon Fiesta Fields, Albuquerque, NM.
  • Driving directions
  • Lodging info (hotels & floor space)
  • Maps of locations.


  • BIDS:  Fee: $200 per team. Deadline: ASAP (it's not too late, but get your bids in ASAP!). Bids are not secure until the fee is paid in full. Bid letters should include team name, team contact (address/phone/email), team location, and recent tourney results. We're looking at a 22-team tournament. Bids are first come, first served. Send checks made payable to "Albuquerque Ultimate" to: Josh Nims, 421 Dartmouth Dr SE, Albuquerque NM 87106.
  • PICKUPS:   We have teams that are looking for a few players. If you want to play in Ultimeet but don't have a team, email Matt Luck
  • Contacts

    Tournament and Open Division Director
    Women's Division Director and Volunteer Coordinator
    Matt Luck
    h: 505-268-1882
    w: 505-277-2686

    Jill Guarino
    h: 505-246-9027
    w: 505-822-8200

    The Program




    Frisbee Central / Fields All ultimate frisbee activities will take place at the Balloon Fiesta Fields.   We will have tables for food and will have shirts and discs for sale.  See the maps below.

    Paperwork   This is a UPA sanctioned event, so waivers and rosters are required. Get your paperwork in early!

    Prizes   There will be prizes for Open and Women’s champs, Spirit, and party games (accuracy contests and DDC).

    Breakfast   Bagels, fixins and fruit will be available both mornings.

    Hydrate!   Drink water ‘til your pee runs clear! Water will be available in gallon jugs. PLEASE refill/return/reuse the water bottles.

    Trash   To assist your team in clean up, we’re providing trash bags with new improved draw string closures.

    Dogs   Dogs are not allowed off leash. As always, you are responsible for your dog’s poopie.

    Sunscreen   Wear copious amounts. We’re a mile up here.

    Weather  Tournament weekend weather forecast: Partly cloudy, 93-96 F


    The party will be at the fields, beginning right after you finish your last game. Dinner will be served around 5:00 (including veggie alts). Please don’t come up for seconds until everyone has had firsts. Drinks will be provided (including non-alcoholic alts). Games will occur (including accuracy contests, piñatas, and a major Double Disc Court Tournament-Within-The-Tournament hosted by our local DDC expert, Dan Streit). Music will fill the air.



    Official Rules   UPA 10th edition.

    Assessing points    Assessing team must have 7 players on the line. 1st point is at 5 minutes. One point for every 5 minutes thereafter until game begins.

    Time-outs   Two minutes each. Three time outs per game, no more than two per half. Finals: two time outs per half. Each team can use only one time out in overtime (12-all), but NO TIME OUTS IN THE TIME CAP.

    Half-time   5 minute mirror half time at 7.

    Points   Most games played to 13, cap at 15. Semis to 15/17. Finals to 17/19.

    Time cap    Time cap at 1h 15m at the single horn blow: finish that point and add 2 to the highest score. Hard cap at 1h 30m at the double horn blow: finish that point and end the game. If it’s a tie, play one more point. A point is defined to be "in progress" from the moment the offense raises their hand to accept the pull.



    1. Sol Sistas (Albuquerque)
    2. Huckwallas (Phoenix)
    3. Tucson
    4. B-Cups (Albuquerque)



    1. Brown Tide (Tucson)
    2. Sprawl (Phoenix)
    3. Green Bean (Albuquerque/Flagstaff)
    4. Santa Fe
    5. Albuquerque
    6. Hustlers (Tucson)
    7. Lazy Bastards (Albuquerque)
    8. Got Disc? (Phoenix)


  • Volunteers page with all the info on who's helping with what.

  • Local weather



  • To Balloon Fiesta Fields
    • Get yourself to Albuquerque!
    • From the airport, go North on I-25
    • From I-25 at I-40 in Albuquerque
      • Go North on I-25 (towards Santa Fe/Denver)
      • Take Tramway exit (exit 234; about 5 miles North of I-25/I-40)
      • Turn Left on Tramway; go west (heading away from the mountains).
      • Turn onto Balloon Fiesta Parkway.
      • Park in the lots, next to the fields.

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    We have a block of rooms reserved at Amberley Suite Hotel, just minutes from the field. Rooms are $59/night, with 2 double beds or 1 standard bed. Make sure to ask for the Ultimeet Frisbee Tournament group rate.

    Amberley Suite Hotel
    7620 Pan American Fwy NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87109

  • Floor space
    • Send name, contact info, # of people, # of pets, # of days.
    • Send it to Jackie, or call 505-268-1882.
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  • Map from the interstates to the fields

    area map

  • Close-up map of fields and dining region (NOTE: this map is oriented with East at the top and North to the left; follow the "FROM EAST" arrows)
    area map

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  • and now a word from our SPONSORS:

    GAIA Ultimate--Official Gear Sponsor of Ultimeet 25, May 17-18, 2003. This year GAIA has come out to support our event with ultimate gear and clothing. The best part of this deal is that the more we buy, the more we get for our tournament, so if you need to make a gear purchase, click on the banner below, or plug in our tournament affiliate number (50032) at check-out on the GAIA site (GAIAultimate.com). Thanks!

    GAIA Ultimate

    Last updated: May 13, 2003