ULTIMEET 23, MAY 19-20

  • 23rd Annual Albuquerque Ultimeet Tournament
  • Divisions: Estimated 10 open and 10 women's teams.
  • Amenities: Bagels, fruit, water, Porta-PottiesŪ. UPA planned, rated 4 stars.
  • Field Party!!: Dinner, games, contests, double disc, pinatas, basters, and an open-air, big-screen, surround-sound, 3-D, digitally-remastered viewing of Stanley Kubrick's classic 2001: A Space Odyssey!!!!

    When & Where

  • Date: May 19-20, 2001
  • Fields: Johnson and Bullhead fields, Albuquerque, NM.
  • Driving directions
  • Lodging info (hotels & floor space)
  • Maps of locations.


  • Fee: $175 per team. Bids are not secure until the fee is paid in full. We're looking at a 20-team tournament, and we already have 16 teams paid. Bids are first come, first served. Send checks made payable to Albuquerque Ultimate to: Josh Nims, 421 Dartmouth Dr SE, Albuquerque NM 87106.
  • Contacts:
    Josh Nims
    h: 505-256-3297
    Jill Guarino

    The Dirt

  • Rosters & Waivers
    We are strongly encouraging you to submit your team rosters and "annual" waivers directly to UPA in enough time that they are received by UPA no later than MAY 11 (this is a very strict deadline).

    Why? It makes life easier for everybody - no more pestering for signatures and dues, threats of forfeiture, or collection hassles. Also, teams that do get ALL their paperwork and checks to UPA by May 11 will harvest glorious benefits and surprises!

    How? Print the roster from the UPA web-site Then take the roster to your teams' practices, parties, or other events and have your team fill it out completely and write checks for appropriate dues to UPA. NOTE: YOUR "TEAM NAME" AND "ULTIMEET 23, MAY 19 & 20", MUST BE WRITTEN ON EVERY ROSTER! When your entire team has completed the roster and made checks out to UPA, mail them with the waivers (see below) to UPA in enough time that they are received no later than May 11 (FedEx them if need be):

    Ultimate Players Association
    3595 E Fountain Blvd, Suite J2
    Colorado Springs CO 80910

    Alternately, you can download and save the Microsoft Excel version of the roster and then fill in the info for each player and e-mail it to UPA as an attached document. Of course, the checks for UPA dues and the waivers still need to be mailed to UPA and received by no later than May 11. So if you have a team e-mail list you can e-mail the roster to one player who fills in the info and e-mails it to the next player who fills in the info and e-mails it to the next, and so on. The last person emails it back to you so that you know who should be writing checks to UPA, and then you can email (as an attached Excel file) it to UPA ( - the checks and waivers have to be sent to UPA also! This may be a good way for the Combo teams to get their rosters done. Remember: YOUR "TEAM NAME" AND "ULTIMEET 23, MAY 19 & 20", MUST BE WRITTEN ON EVERY ROSTER!

    Waivers: Waivers must be printed and copied and each player must fill one out (15 players, 15 waivers) and sign it in front of a witness - everybody must sign in front of a witness. These are ANNUAL waivers - you do one now and you won't have to worry about another waiver at any UPA tournament for an entire year. So if you filled one out at a recent UPA tournament, than you don't need to do one now. UPA will be confirming who has or has not filled out waivers. These waivers must be mailed back to UPA so that they are received by May 11. Might as well mail them back with a completed roster and checks for UPA dues...

    Note: Contact UPA if you are unsure about your membership status (what dues, if any, you owe) or if you have or have not filled out an annual waiver.

    Prior to the tournament, UPA will let us know who does not have the paperwork completed and those teams will have to go through the hassle on Saturday of filling it out and writing checks before games can start, AND these teams will miss out on prizes and other goodies.

    Please, at a minimum, get the rosters and waivers (enough for each member of your team) printed out and start filling them out. Get them done at a team practice, party, dinner, or as your road-tripping. Tell your players to bring their checkbooks to practice and if they owe membership dues, have them write a check - at the same time they can fill out the roster and a waiver. Contact us or Joe Gorman {(800) UPA-GETH [ (800) 872-4384 ]} at UPA if you have any questions and this info will be on the ULTIMEET 23 web-site ASAP (

    WHEN? Paperwork must be received at UPA headquarters by May 11 to avoid having to do it again on Saturday. If you get the roster done, but not all the waivers, send the roster with the checks. Or if you get the waivers, but not the roster, send them and the paperwork can be finished on Saturday. Basically, complete as much as you can and send it to UPA prior to the tournament - by May 11!

    Thanks!! I think if we get used to this process it will make future tournament paperwork a ton easier.

  • Captain's meeting

  • Game time

  • Teams with bids in (in no particular order)
  • Albuq
  • Austin/Tuscon Combo
  • Carbon 14, Abq
  • ESB, Boulder
  • Phatty, Dallas
  • Phuong, Phoenix
  • Raiders of the Long Huck, Lubbock
  • Rawhide, Tulsa
  • Santa Fe
  • Ska-Huckenweep, Durango
  • Sunburn, Tucson
  • Austin
  • NM/CO/Notre Dame Combo
  • Sol Sistas, Abq
  • Buttercup, Austin
  • Pigs in Space, CO/NM
  • Wierd Alice, Dallas
  • WORM, Boulder
  • Huckwallas, Phoenix
  • Groove, Tucson
  • Discie Chicks, Lubbock
  • San Fran
  • Volunteers page with all the info on who's helping with what.

  • Local weather

  • The Frontier. Ultimeet is proud to patronize the Frontier Restaurant, serving Albuquerque 24/7 since 1971.



    Driving directions

  • To Johnson Fields
    • From I-40
      • Take Carlise exit and go south on Carlisle about 2 mi.
      • Turn R on Central, go west about 3 lights.
      • Turn R on Stanford at the light.
      • Park in the lots to your right, next to the fields.
    • From I-25
      • Take Central Ave exit and go east on Central about 1 mi.
      • Turn L on Stanford at the light.
      • Park in the lots to your right, next to the fields.

  • To Bullhead Fields
    • From I-40
      • Take San Mateo exit and go south on San Mateo about 3 mi.
      • Turn L on Gibson, go east about 2 lights.
      • Turn R on San Pedro at the light.
      • Park in the lots to your left, next to the fields. OR park at the Hospital, as the lots might be under construciton.
    • From I-25
      • Take Gibson Blvd. exit and go east on Gibson about 4 mi.
      • Turn R on San Pedro at the light.
      • Park in the lots to your left, next to the fields. OR park at the Hospital, as the lots might be under construciton.

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  • Floor space
    Contact our floor space coordinator Jackie Smith

  • Hotels
    Here's a list of some hotels that are not too far from the fields and the party. Most are all within one mile of the airport (Yale is our airport blvd)

    • Best Western Airport Inn
      2400 Yale SE
      (505) 242-7022

    • Comfort Inn Airport
      2300 Yale SE
      (505) 243-2244

    • Courtyard by Marriott
      1920 Yale SE
      (505) 843-6600

    • La Quinta Inn Airport
      2116 Yale SE
      (505) 243-5500

    • Wyndham Hotel Albq.
      2910 Yale SE
      (505) 843-7000

    • Plaza Inn (** closer to UNM)
      900 Medical Arts Av NE
      (505) 243-5693

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  • Map from the interstates to the fields & Yale Blvd (hotels)

    area map

  • Close-up map of fields and lodging region

    close-up map

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